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Health Science and Medical Career Pathways

Health Science and Medical Career Pathway Programs

The vlog hosts several programs that support learners in their academic and professional journeys in medicine and biomedical science, providing opportunities to engage with our institution. Working with students as early as middle school through medical or graduate school, these programs are offered during both the academic year and summer.
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Each of our Health Science and Medical Career Pathway Programs are unique and offers access to many MCW departments and many partner with other institutions and organizations in the community. We encourage applicants to consider applying to multiple programs to increase their chances of obtaining an experience and to grow their MCW network.

Our Educational Programs

This website organizes the programs by education level and time of year so learners can find the best opportunities for them as they explore and pursue their education in medicine and science.

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For Middle School Students

Middle School is a great time for learners to explore the possibilities within the medical and health sciences fields. Programming exposes students to current MCW students, practitioners, and scientists to while engaging students in hands on activities.

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For High School Students

Learners in our high school programs have the opportunity to engage in further experiences including physician shadowing, participate on a research team, or work with current medical students to learn about human body systems with an experiential approach.

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For College and Graduate Students

MCW offers a wide variety of programs that provide intense research or clinical exposure to students. Some programs focus on providing support with the undergraduate, medical, or graduate school application process to promote the success of participants as they pursue these career avenues.

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For Current Medical Students

MCW offers programs for current medical school students both at MCW and other institutions that provide specific experiences within certain specialties allowing learners to grow their medical proficiency.

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